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Here you'll find descriptions of all the possible destinations where your safari could take you, as well as some of our impressions as to what you'll probably see. Of course, your own experience will be unique, but we wanted to give you a bit of a taste of each park's individual flavor as a good selection starting point.

One hint: the most successful safaris are the ones that don't simply drive from sighting to sighting, checking off animals viewed from a listing. Take some time to sit quietly and just watch. Ask your driver/guide questions, he's extremely well trained and an excellent source of all kinds of interesting information. You'll enjoy everything a lot more by taking it slowly...and probably get better photographs, too.

All the lodges and camps are listed here as well, with descriptions and pictures, to help you make the decision of whether "Traveler," "Adventurer" or "Explorer" level best suits your idea of the perfect safari.

Happy planning!

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