There’s something wild, primitive and starkly beautiful the traveler comes to East Africa to feel.  That something extends beyond the vast herds, endless landscapes and the ageless rhythms of life.  There is something here that speaks to the soul…maybe a little of the magic left over from when the world was new.  Come and discover it for yourself.  Come on Safari and feel the Magic.

We love East Africa. After several visits and as seasoned travel professionals, we are especially adept in organizing the most memorable trip you have ever taken. That's no small boast. What makes it true is that every SafariMagic safari is custom-tailored, totally private and fully escorted. You go where YOU want, on a schedule that suits YOUR preferences. Guided by knowledgeable, friendly and flexible driver-guides who are as eager to have you fall in love with their country as we are dedicated to assuring every moment you spend is as memorable as ours have always been. 

Safari Magic is your gateway . . . come and explore. You'll learn a lot about this wonderful destination and a little about us. If you like what you see and read and want to plan your own adventure, we are here to make it happen.

Can’t resist planning your dream trip immediately?  Go directly to Our Safaris.
You will find safaris featuring Kenya's and Tanzania's best parks
and reserves varying in length from 6 to 17 days. Some points to keep in mind as you dream and

  • Our set safaris are excellent.  BUT you can also use them as starting points and design your own ideal excursion. 
  • ANY amount of customizing is possible.  We will put together the exact trip that you’ve decided is perfect for you.
  • Your Safari Magic tour will be private, personal and guided.  What does this mean?  It means, and this is critical to having a great safari experience, that you are GUARANTEED a window seat, as well as adequate observation room when the "top is popped."  It means you will never have to compromise with a group’s majority rule decision.  And it means that the attention you receive is totally personal, from an escort committed to your complete satisfaction.

Safari Magic and New Adventures will take you to an Africa that is neither pre-packaged nor mass-marketed.  Frankly, East Africa is too special a destination and your adventure there deserves the same treatment.  We’ll make sure that’s exactly what you have. 

The Wilds of East Africa have excited travel fantasies for generations.  For many, an African Safari is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream and every moment spent is one to be treasured.  This is how we feel about this incredible destination and this is why our tours are different.

Why Choose New Adventures’ Safari Magic?

Because we can offer the best value quality experience.  It is why we specialize in private and escorted tours.  There are quite a number of safari tours that will take you to see the animals…you can do it fairly inexpensively in a large group in a crowded bus straining to see out a shared window.  But that’s not the experience we offer.  

Our tours take your private group (the other guests in your party with whom you booked, minimum 2 guests) in your own private safari vehicle window seat guaranteed.  You spend quality time with a top notch professional, licensed driver/guide  who is warm, open (and frequently very funny) and who welcomes your comments, questions and conversation about the country, the people and its wildlife.  

Moreover, while many other safari companies limit your game drives to twice a day (and no more than 2 hours and 50 kilometers, thus staying close to the Lodge and all the others!) we have no limits on game drives.  If you want to visit the hippo pools near the Tanzania border, go for it!  After all, it is your private vehicle and driver/guide.

Safari Magic clients are also provided with fresh spring water at all times.  And, again unlike many others, airport transfers are always free.

People always make the difference in a travel experience – from your first contact with us via e-mail or telephone to meeting our representative and your driver/guide on arrival at the airport through your solicited comments at the close of the tour – you will know that your lifetime dream of an African Safari is in the hands of capable people you can trust.

Why Else

Because we make it easy and convenient.  Our daily departure guarantee means when you’ve decided on the ideal time frame, we fit our itineraries to your schedule.  If you’d like to spend an extra day in any of the Parks, or mix and match our tours, or add an extended excursion, we are at your service.  We offer 3 “comfort levels” in accommodation giving you the option range from reasonably priced lodgings to world class luxury.  And we will be pleased to help you find the best value in air roundtrip from your U.S. gateway city.

And Finally…

Because individual travel is our specialty, we do get to know our guests a bit before they leave and we know that most want a slower paced trip focused on quality game viewing (and not on rushing from Park to Park as if on a checklist)…we are uniquely qualified to make sure all expectations are met, and usually exceeded.   And because we know the countries and their people so very well we are up-to-date on information the traveler needs and wants.

This has been recognized by the Kenya Tourist Board which has designated all of our travel counselors as KATS, Kenya Authorized Travel Specialists.  Moreover, 2 of us are Master KATS, demonstrating even more depth of knowledge.

You’ll find many of your questions about East Africa answered right here at Safari Magic.  And for any that aren’t, we are truly looking forward to hearing from you and helping you plan your own private, escorted and yes, magical African Safari !

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