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Phil Carta, President
Courtesy, Michele Sistrunk,
Reef Reflections

New Adventures, operator of Safari Magic, has been offering quality travel and tours to Seychelles, Egypt/Jordan and East Africa since 1994, both directly to travelers and through travel agencies worldwide.

We are licensed and bonded and are a member of several professional organizations. We market primarily on the Internet as it is the best medium for describing the wonders of the destinations we market. Since these destinations are our favorite places in the world, we love to speak about them and encourage clients to call or e-mail, not only for the benefit of our travel and tour planning experience, but so we can share our enthusiasm for the places we love. Other than for discounted budget lodging in Seychelles, all clients do communicate directly with one of our counselors to ensure that their visit will be enjoyable, safe and, importantly, live up to their (and our) expectations.

And, to that end, we are completely open about who, where and what we are, and present below our  qualifications, location and other information to add to your level of comfort with us and, of course, to add you to our ever growing list of happy clients.


Phil Carta's New Adventures, Inc.
1681 NE 105 Lane
Anthony,  FL  32617
Phone: +1-352-401-5678     Fax: +1-352-401-0548
Toll free in the US:  1-888-437-8456

Phil Carta's New Adventures, Inc. dba Safari Magic is registered with and bonded by the State of Florida as a Registered Seller of Travel #ST-27866.  California registration is pending.

New Adventures is a member of
       IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network 
Various staff members are members of:
(The American Society of Travel Agents).

Affiliated with
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Sister Sites
A collection of essays, diaries and general travel information  -- plus our popular Private and Escorted tours.

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Privacy Statement

The only information we generally solicit on our websites is your e-mail address and name for the purpose of putting you on our monthly e-mailing list.  List management is provided by Listbot and you have complete control over subscribing to and unsubscribing from the list.  This information is never shared with anyone else.

Our Value Seychelles pages allow you to book online for an additional 10% discount off the published prices.  Information entered there is sent to a secure server and then to our agents;  all information requested is only for the purpose of booking travel and will be maintained by us using the same level of care, security and privacy as if you had made contact by telephone or e-mail. 

Should you decide to contact us directly by e-mail, phone or letter we may then request additional personal information including address, phone number and other information obviously necessary to perform travel and other services you request.  This information is likewise never shared with anyone else and, should you provide credit card information, is never even recorded in our computers.

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Reducing the Risk of Travel


Why Take Unnecessary Risks
With Your Vacation or Holiday?

Many people live for their 2, 3 or (the lucky ones) 4 weeks of non-working freedom. And for that annual, blissful stretch that, no matter how long, goes by much too fast, they yearn, savor and relive until the next great escape. Especially if those destinations are exotic. It's expected and even a cherished fact that exotic travel will present challenges. But nobody wants to waste precious days or dollars dealing with the real obstacles that can be the down side to international travel.

That's the essential service we offer. We call it Phil's Travel Risk Management. Not only will we steer you clear of major pitfalls, but we will help you handle those daily considerations every traveler encounters:

  • What resort is near the best shopping and diving?
  • Is there any white water rafting nearby?
  • What can I do in the 7 hours free before the boat sails?
  • Who and how much should I be prepared to tip?
  • What about visiting the local peoples in their villages?

Answers to these & dozens more are why so many seasoned travelers book with us.  Every one of our Preferred Destinations has been thoroughly researched and recently visited by us. We know the lay of the land, know the locals and their customs and we've seen the best -- and sometimes the worst -- each destination offers.

Your best insurance for vacation satisfaction is New Adventures' staff's personal experiences and quite objective opinions (which has sometimes gotten Phil into trouble).

Of course we can plan and book trips other than our "Preferred Choices." And you will always receive personalized diligent preparations and custom arrangements. Phil's own personal travels have taken him to 5 continents (and the remaining two are in the planning stage!).

If your ideal vacation is one of ours we will put together your trip of a lifetime. That's a promise.

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